Taking Volume Extensions up a notch to the Top of the top MEGA .  Welcome to LANZA.


This MEGA VOLUME workshop is a thorough training course intended for the student who wants to offer their clients the best volume techniques available. You will leave your training class excited and confident to begin your career in lashing. Appropriate for those who have previous certification in RUSSIAN styling - this takes you into advanced mapping techniques and angled placement to give you the best finish possible.


  • MEGA VOLUME Lashes - Basic Lash Styling (1 Module)
  • MEGA VOLUME Lashes - Basic Lash Infill (1 Module)
  • Lash Mapping MEGA (1 Module) * Lash Mapping INFILL (1 Module)
  • Inner mapping (1 Module)
  • Side mapping and techniques (1 Module)
  • Hand-made fans 10-15+ (1 Module)
  • Cap / Stack Techniques (2 Modules)
  • Hygiene / Cleansing Techniques for lash extension application (1 Module)
  • Tool Sterilisation
  • Business Set Up and Online Presence (2 Modules)
$1350.00 + GST
Mega Volume Kit valued at: $250
(Certification upon completion)
PLEASE BE AWARE that completion of this course does not guarantee that you will receive a certificate at the end of the day. If your trainer feels that you could benefit from further instruction, you will be asked to complete case studies on models so that we can help you to develop any necessary skills. In this instance we will send your certificate to you by post.